Hidden Lore Submissions: OPEN

Email up to three poems or one short (600 words or less) prose piece to CryptoNaturalistPod@gmail.com. Your poetry/prose should involve some element of the natural world (or supernatural world related to nature/the wilderness). All submissions should be in the body of your email. Please no attachments, unless you want to include an image for the show notes with your submission. I'm afraid we can't pay you at the moment, but I can thank you on the show, plug your website in the show notes, and spread word to all the cryptids I know that you're not to be eaten. We seek no rights beyond the right to read your work on the show. All episodes will remain available in our feed for the foreseeable future.   


The Cryptonaturalist is written and read by Jarod Anderson. To send questions, poems, or short prose pieces for the Hidden Lore segment, email CryptoNaturalistPod@gmail.com.

Our theme song is “Banish Misfortune,” played by Andrew Collins. For more information on Andrew’s music, visit www.andrewcollinstrio.com

Our credits are read by Leslie J. Anderson. Learn more about Leslie's work at www.lesliejanderson.com. 

Stay curious. Stay wild. Stay weird.