Episode 14: Constellation Turtle

We’re all made of star stuff, some of us more literally than others.

Lauren Dee was played by Julia Schifini. Julia is a podcaster, historian, and big fan of professional wrestling. She is the co-host of Spirits Podcast, a boozy tour of mythology, legends, and folklore, as well as a voice actor on several audio dramas. To find out more about her work, visit juliaschifini.com

Lauren Dee was named for Patreon supporter Lauren Dermody. Thanks to Lauren for her support.

Thanks to Phoebe Wagner for contributing the poem “Glacial.” Phoebe Wagner grew up in Pennsylvania, the third generation to live in the Susquehanna River Valley. She currently lives in Reno, Nevada with her tree-climbing husband Andy and their two cats: Mab and Mith. When not writing, you can find Phoebe at the nearest riverbank.