Episode 8: The Half-Remembered Forest

This week, the show takes a half-remembered expedition to a strange forest that manipulates minds, shares secrets, and consumes memories. 

The voice of Cryptonaturalist Max Dean was played by Adal Rifai. Adal is the voice of Chunt on the podcast Hello from the Magic Tavern, as well as one of the hosts of Hey Riddle Riddle.

Hidden Lore Segment poetry contributed by Eric Fisher Stone. Eric is originally from Fort Worth, Texas, though now lives in Ames, Iowa as a third year MFA candidate in creative writing and the environment at Iowa State University. His poems have appeared in about 20 journals including The HopperThe Lyric and Jersey Devil Press. His first full length poetry collection, "The Providence of Grass," has just appeared in print, published by Chatter House Press.